Floating Transmissions


Alex Hawthorn

“Ex Undis, Cognitio” makes manifest the radio signals constantly permeating our bodies. Through both pre-recorded and live captured radio signals, set against synthesised music, the piece asks questions about time: when did these signals emanate? How far have they traveled? Our bodies therefor contain multiple times: each signal is a time capsule from the moment it was generated, travelling at light speed through our bodies. Our bodies as antenna, our bodies as interceptors of data and time, shifting constantly with the waves.

Alexander Iliashenko

Alexander Iliashenko is a Russian-born artist and computer musician, who performs with self-written software instruments exploring digital synthesis through the prism of texture, timbre, polyphony, polyrhythms and tuning systems. Ranging from slow repetitive sequences to chaotic noise, his music combines polar emotions into a language of incoherent sentences, conflicting words and disjointed phonemes.

Antje Feger / Benjamin F. Stumpf

In their research-based works (multimedia installation/project art) Antje Feger and Benjamin F. Stumpf deal with moments of everyday life and mental states of society. Their interest in social questions and enigmatic narratives reveals itself to the viewer in a moment between their own history and a collective state.
Antje Feger / Benjamin F. Stumpf studied at the Muthesius Academy of Fine Arts and as part of the Independent Study Program at the Maumaus in Lisbon. Since 2000, their works have been shown in solo and group exhibitions at home and abroad, e.g. at the Biennale of the Tangible Image, Paris (FR), at the Krasnodar Institute of Contemporary Art (RU), at the Culture Communication Center Klaipeda (LT), at Kunst im Untergrund, a project of the NGBK, Berlin, at the Open Museum, Baltic Raw, Hamburger Kunsthalle (DE), at the Vejle Art Museum (DK), at the Landesmuseum Schloss Gottorf (DE) and at the Centre d'Art Passarelle, Brest (FR). Since 2004, Antje Feger and Benjamin F. Stumpf have received various grants and project funding from, among others, the Institut für Auslandsbeziehungen, the Stiftung Kunstfonds, the Hamburgische Kulturstiftung, the Cultural Communication Center Klaipeda, Lithuania, and ECOC-European Capital of Culture Istanbul.


auvikogue is working in the areas of sound art, performance, installa?on and mail art for more than 20 years now and ques?ons, listens, researches, driIs, absorbs, destroys, rearranges, moves, changes, bothers and stays, unadapted.

Benjamin von Bebber

Benjamin van Bebber (er/ihm) works as a director and performer in musical theater, as well as a radio play producer and educator. Since 2014 he has a close collaboration with composer-performer Leo Hofmann, with whom he develops performances, installations and workshops. The focus of his work is Hamburg. In the framework of [in]operabilities he researches with other artists on questions of accessibility and forms of multisensory music-making in contemporary music theater. In this context, he recently created the production "A Singthing" and two workshops at Kampnagel. He works as a lecturer at the HfMT Hamburg, the UdK Berlin and the HKB Bern.

Ben Sassen

Ben Sassen, a.k.a Sunhillow, is a British electronic musician and media artist based in Germany. Having started out as a DJ in 1997 on 'Interface', one of the UK's first ever independent internet radio stations, Ben went on to organise chill-out spaces and 'listening events' around London for much of the late 90s, before setting up 'iConscious', a web-based media arts platform which ran from 2002 to 2007. By the mid-2000s Ben had become an electronic music producer and touring artist in his own right, regularly playing festivals and presenting works around Europe. This lead Ben in 2007 to move to Weimar, Germany to take up a chair teaching media art at The Bauhaus University, before eventually moving in 2011 to Leipzig, where he founded The Greenfields Studio, a venue for performing arts and community outreach. Fast-forwarding to today, Ben is resident DJ and booker at Berlin's 'Spaceship' parties at acclaimed underground venue Mensch Meier and, under his Sunhillow moniker, has developed his own unique style of live performance combining modular synthesis, electro-acoustic instruments and sampled sound sources.

Block Barley

Block Barley is a producer and artist from Hamburg. His sound is characterized by multi-layered sample collages, powerful drums and self-recorded patterns. Stylistically, his productions range from lo-fi to boombap to experimental sounds & loops. Block Barley manages to create his own sound, which often stands out from the crowd of current beatmakers due to the sample selection. Since his first 7 "release in 2003, a long player followed on HongKong Recordings in 2007 and the Michigan Nights single with Guilty Simpson in 2008, which was released on weaintmusic and as part of the Beat 45 series on Melting Pot Music.


DinahBird is a sound and radio artist based in Paris. Her work includes radio broadcasts, sound works, installations and audio publications, often inspired by early transmission techniques and archives. Her current interests include old weather reports, dead media, aviation and high frequency trading. A copy of her radio recording 'A Box of 78s' has been travelling the world for eighteen months - from station to station in a kind of relay race - but slower and without competitors. It is currently in transit somewhere between Serbia and Israel.

Dong Zhou

Dong Zhou (no pronouns/she) is a composer-performer based in Hamburg. Zhou gained the B. A. in music engineering in Shanghai Conservatory and M.A. in multimedia composition in Hamburg University of Music and Drama. Zhou won several prizes including the first prize of 2018 ICMC Hacker-N-Makerthon and the finalist of 2019 Deutscher Musikwettbewerb and Nota-n-ear Award 2022. Zhou’s work was included in ‘Sound of World’ Microsoft ringtones collection and Zhou was commissioned by festivals and institutions including Shanghai International Art Festival, ZKM Karlsruhe, Stimme X Festival, etc. Zhou is currently a doctoral candidate in ICAM of Leuphana University, member of Stimme X e. V. Zeitgenössisches Musiktheater Norddeutschland and Deutscher Komponistenverband Hamburg.


Doxan is an emerging talent based in Hamburg. Getting to know and later joining Boomerang, a crew of local DJs throwing their renowned parties at Golden Pudel and other off-locations, sparked her passion for records and digging. Equally dedicated both to 90s and early 2000s minimal and acid techno, and various eras of ambient and downtempo, Doxan has been developing her own unique style that is deep, subtly powerful, and always delicate.

Eliza Wagener

Eliza Wagener aka Elazer is part of the POSSY collective and runs Hamburg based HALLO: RADIO. As a painter she works in visual arts, curates exhibitions, organizes concerts and events and works for the empowerment of FLINTA* through collective collaboration. The uncompromising combination of different genres into one narrative is then also reflected in her, despite all eclecticism, stringent sets. Elazer plays a pleasantly haunting yet energizing sound. She likes to combine obscure wave and post-punk, ambient tunes and trippy electronics. Just imagine a labyrinth filled with night creatures, love potions and spiky traps. Have no fear (of losing yourself) and always remember - the bats are alright!

Felicity Mangan

Felicity Mangan is an Australian sound artist and composer based in Berlin, Germany. In different situations such as solo performances and collaborative interdisciplinary projects. Felicity samples and plays her field recording archive and found sounds utilizing electronic music instruments to create quasi-bioacoustic and poly’biorythmic music.

Felix Jung

Felix Maximilian Benjamin Privatus Jung, born 1985, is a visual artist. In his interdisciplinary work, the themes of publicity and space are always present. On a contextual, installative level, he deals with various social processes and contemporary formative aspects in his environment. Social practice and related collaborations are an essential part of his artistic practice. His site-specific works can be found in galleries, theatres and museums around the world.

Felix Kubin

Felix Kubin is a composer, creator of radio plays, performer, media artist and curator.A lovechild of the home recording era (he started to compose electronic 4-track music at the age of 12), his activities span futurist pop, electroacoustic and chamber orchestra music, radio art, lecture performances and writing. In 1998 he founded his own record label Gagarin Records. Over the last two decades, he has released numerous albums of different conceptual formats and played at well over hundred international contemporary music festivals. The French film artist Marie Losier ("The Ballad of Genesis and Lady Jaye") has shot an award-winning docu-phantasma about him that premiered at Locarno film festival in 2019 and has been shown on ARTE TV and film festivals worldwide. Felix Kubin likes to move between high and low culture, clubs and concert halls, as his main concern is the shifting of contexts and expectations.

Felix Raeithel

Felix Raeithel, better known as Istari Lasterfahrer, is a digital and electronic musician based in Hamburg, Germany. He works on many fronts, decontextualising sound material, breaking up harmonic structures and artistic condensations. He began his highly digital music career in the late 80s with cheap computer hardware and has since released countless pieces on high-profile labels. He has captivated audiences worldwide with his energetic live performances and crazy DJ sets, full of innovative sounds held together by his soundbwoy dub technique. His self-produced videos have been shown all over the world and are a stunning part of his live performance. Since 1999 he runs the record label Sozialistischer Plattenbau.

Gabi Schaffner

Gabi Schaffner works as a trans-disciplinary artist within the realms of radio art, composition and performance. Her creative practice is determined by the methods of experimental ethnography in connection with Fluxus-like mise-en-scènes, radio-making and sound art performances. Schaffner has been realising award-winning productions with Deutschlandfunk Kultur, radia.fm, Hessian Cultural Radio and ABC Australia. Since 2012, she maintains “Datscha Radio”, a nomadic transmission project that links the medium of radio to current ecological issues. Gabi Schaffner lives (mostly) in Berlin.

Heiko Gogolin

Heiko Gogolin studied applied cultural studies in Lüneburg. He then worked for several years as editor-in-chief of the games culture magazine GEE and as editorial director of the public service video game show "Reload". Currently, he is the managing director of Rocket Beans TV. With three friends, he has also been running the Pingipung record label for 21 years. Experimental pop music by artists such as Anadol, Sven Kacirek, Umeko Ando, MD Pallavi & Andi Otto or Y Bülbül is released there. As a DJ he has been putting the round on the square for over 30 years. Heiko Gogolin lives and loves in Hamburg.

Hermes Hemmnis

The experiments of Hamburg-based ambient duo Hermes Hemmnis (Lennart Häusser & Till Knapp) follow a completely DAW-less approach, allowing for cross-genre improvisations in their ephemeral live performances. The use of pre-recorded and often alienated sounds from guitar, bass and other acoustic instruments combined with atmospheric synths and detailed beats create a distinctive poetic sound language.

Hye-Eun Kim

Hye-Eun Kim, born 1992 in Berlin, graduated from the University of Fine Arts Hamburg. She combines her classical music training with free improvisation and repetative loops to create a spiritual synthesis in which harsh sounds collide with melodic motifs to explore the space between past, present and a possible future.

Itty Minchesta

Itty M. is a drifter: driven by curiosity, interest and the hope of somehow GETTING OUT, albeit with dirty hands. At the moment, she is mainly busy hauling stones, shovelling earth and gathering nervous animals around her. She tries not to get tired, but to stay relaxed and alert, and also to have fun: where are the intersections of the everyday (life), the everyday (culture) and the economy (violence), and how to get there? From time to time, she presents the interim results of her research in various formats, especially music pieces, radio plays and lecture performances. An incomplete archive of older works can be found at

Jack Bardwell

Jack Bardwell (UK, 1990) is a spatial artist and designer based in Rotterdam. His work often uses audio and performance to augment space and speculate on possible futures for living. His long term project researching radio culture has resulted in the development of a new technology for listening to and distributing internet radio. He is one of the three founders of Mushroom Radio, the student run radio platform at the Royal Academy of Art, The Hague (KABK) and currently runs Good Times Bad Times radio at Extra Practice in Rotterdam.

Jacopo Asam

Jacopo Asam’s practice resides somewhere in between performance, theatre, audio-visual composition and computer art. With a background in both theatre studies and event making, Jacopo’s works often follow a conceptual framework for creating and shaping spaces / situations, while still leaving room for the improvised and unexpected. In an ongoing collaboration with Maren Stocklöw, Jacopo is currently exploring the format of live radio plays as a means of artistic observation and information processing, lately having performed at „Alles ist schon da“ @ Parks, HH and „Klein und Haarig Festival“ @ Bad Wildbad. Jacopo is a founding member of the theatre collective „hallimasch komplex“ since 2018, working on sound and media components.

Jan Wegmann

Jan Wegmann is a multimedia artist, composer and performer based in Hamburg. He studied Musikdesign at Hochschule für Musik Trossingen, a course of study that combines various subjects such as sound design, composition, technology and performance. Afterwards he studied Multimedia Composition at HfMT Hamburg to further develop his skills in composition and technology, experimenting with themes like spatialization, microtonality or live-visuals.

Jean-Philippe Renoult

Jean-Philippe Renoult is a writer, radio producer and sound artist based in Paris. His work focuses on field recordings and the electroacoustic transformation of environmental sounds. He has recently discovered the Shruti Box. His recent works include "A.V.I.O.N", a radio installation inspired by the world of aviation, and "Take Flight", a soundscape composed of planes and drones that explores the thoughts and dreams of those who disappeared with Malaysia Airlines MH370, commissioned by the Creative Audio Unit of the American Broadcasting Company. His ongoing audio graffiti project "Tag Audio Loops" was nominated for the Marl Media Art Award in October 2014, and was recently spotted at Waverly Station in Edinburgh.

Junya Fujita

Junya Fujita was born in Chiba, Japan in 1991. He studied painting at the Tokyo Zokei University. He is currently studying at the Hochschule für Bildende Künste Hamburg and lives in Hamburg. In his videos, installations, music and performances, Junya Fujita explores the boundaries of music, sound, language and moving image. their cultural and social function, their communicative aspects and their formal nature and their formal nature.

Katharina Schmidt

The Waves by Katharina Schmidt is a radiophonic composition inspired by Virginia Woolf’s novel of the same name, pairing field recordings with self-built instruments and experimental sound design to ponder themes such as identity, friendship, and time. Katharina Schmidt is a musician based in Berlin whose work spans field recording, improvisation, noise, generative techniques, radio art, and drones.

Kathrin Dröppelmann

Kathrin Dröppelmann works as a visual artist at the intersection of visual art, research and education. Her research-based artistic practice is concerned with social, political and ecological structures. In her work she creates collaborative situations, processes and actions that move between architecture, installation, texts, new media, walks and performances in the field of critical spatial practice. She often collaborates with others to develop emancipatory ideas for the future.

Konstantin Bessonov

Sound and performance artist working in the coinciding fields of music, film and contemporary dance. Konstantin Bessonov's work bears a close tie to classic minimalism, whilst building on contemporary compositions and postdigital productions alike. In his live-performance he explores the enigmatic shift between modes of silence and it's emphatic meltdown.Since 2019 he is co-running the Hamburg/Berlin based music label STOFFE, a platform for sound, art and experiments. As a co-founding member of 4fakultät he runs a concert series focusing on cross genre improvisation. His new album EUROPE, produced and recorded under his ‚uon duh‘ moniker, was realeased in 2019 on the Ukraine based Muscut label, and his solo debut SUN SETS LOW ON SMEAR HILL was released on BBJTC in October 2021. Since March 2020 he is a resident host at the Moscow based online station radio.syg.ma. With his collaborational and solo works he builds on a varied range of theatrical scores, including soundscaping works for choreographers like Carolin Jüngst, Lissa Rykena, Jessica Nupen and Jason Jacobs, and dance companies like MuddyBoots. He has worked and performed at several international festivals, theatres and production venues including Kampnagel Internationale Kulturfabrik Hamburg, Garbicz Festival Poland, MS Dockville Festival Hamburg, Künstlerhaus Mousonturm Frankfurt, LAB Frankfurt and Kunsthaus Hamburg.

Konstantina Hornek

As an artistic researcher, art to me is one method to approach sociocultural, political, ecological and feminist issues. With my multidisciplinary work, I aim to question existing power structures and the expanding dichotomy between (hu)man and nature. Particularly bodies of water reflect the control, regulation and (mis)treatment of the subordinated Other.


Hamburg based Laetizia has gained a reputation for delivering a unique, hypnotic, and experimental approach to dance music with no shortage of twists and turns and varied tempos. Besides her djing she produces scores for theater and performances as well as for her own multimedial installations.

Leo Hofmann

Leo Hofmann (er/ihm) creates and performs music theater, performances, and radio plays. His artistic work explores music as a digitally imbued and at the same time corporeal practice. Using voices, movements and devices, he develops expansive compositions and intimate listening situations. In doing so, he explores music between ephemerality and media fixity, the visual in music-making and the physical in sound.
His works have been performed at many international festivals, concert halls and theaters, including Kampnagel Hamburg, Gare du Nord Basel, Theater Neumarkt Zurich, Radialsystem Berlin and SPOR Festival Aarhus. He has an ongoing collaboration with the director Benjamin van Bebber, with whom he has realized various play developments and co-initiated the research and production platform [in]operabilities.

Lina v. Jaruntowski

Lina v. Jaruntowski (she/her) is a designer and researcher based in Hamburg and Eindhoven. She is a member of the feminist collectives POSSY from Hamburg and Radio Echo in The Hague. As a member of POSSY, she has been an important part of Hamburg’s queer-feminist club culture and created a platform of support for diverse FLINTA* artists since 2017. Trained as a graphic designer and design researcher, Lina’s practice follows her strong interest in forms of feminist storytelling, collectivity, and experimental forms of publishing. Her practice contains graphic design, publications, workshops as well as textual and performative works to question human-nature relations and hetero-patriarchal power structures. She studied Integrated Design at the University of the Arts Bremen and Artistic Research at the Design Academy Eindhoven. She holds teaching positions at the Academy of Fashion and Design Hamburg and the University of Arts Bremen. Lina is a prospective PhD student at the University of Arts in Bremen.

Liv Neumann
Ludwig Berger

Ludwig Berger is an artist and researcher in the field of sound and landscape. In his compositions, installations and performances, he facilitates intimate and playful sonic encounters with plants, animals, buildings and geological formations. In his musical work, Berger creates sonic eco-fictions with processed and synthetic sounds. He studied electroacoustic composition at the HfM Weimar and was a sound researcher and lecturer at the Institute of Landscape Architecture at ETH Zurich from 2015 to 2022.


Lukatoyboy is a sound artist, musician and publisher from Belgrade, currently based in Berlin. His main activities in music and sound include performing electroacoustic improvisation. His current practice is based on performances dealing with networks, sound and narrative, using walkie talkies, animal calling instruments and site specific topics. Focused on the relation of chances and structures, he creates participatory works with suggested rules, questioning exclusivity and authority of an artist.

Lutz Gallmeister

Lutz Gallmeister is a Berlin-based sound artist, musician and producer. He creates sound installations, and compositions for theatre, dance performances and film. He studied sound art at SP - Escola de Teatro in São Paulo, where he lived and worked as a sound artist from 2010 to 2017. In 2021, he developed and produced “Project [a]”, a sound, video and dance performance installation involving more than 40 international artists on the theme of human rights. It premiered at the Kronenboden project spaces in Berlin, followed by a showing at the Memorial da Resistência (Resistance Museum) in São Paulo, Brazil. He has recently completed projects for Errant Sound Berlin, Theater Oberhausen and the dance festival Prisma in Panama. At Floating Transmissions he is performing Water Stories, a meditative sound and text journey, in collaboration with writer Madhvi Ramani.

Madhvi Ramani

Madhvi Ramani is a multidisciplinary writer whose work has been published by the BBC, Asia Literary Review and Penguin Random House. She writes articles, essays, plays and fiction, and is the co-host of the intersectional feminist podcast Ms Informed. She uses storytelling to expand political, creative, and emotional awareness. Her latest children’s book Whisper, Shout, Let it Out (Macmillan, 2023) is all about getting children to experiment with their voices. She was born in London and lives in Berlin. At Floating Transmissions she is performing Water Stories, a meditative sound and text journey, in collaboration with sound artist Lutz Gallmeister.

Maren Stocklöw

After finishing her Master's degree in Physics, Maren Stocklöw (*1994) moved to Hamburg to pursue her curiosity towards the world through the arts. As a student of fine arts, she enjoys working with performance, spoken word, video and sound, aiming to find meaning in the ephemeral and to pay a closer look to small interactions with what she senses around her. She is especially interested in epistemology and the social environments that natural scientists and engineers find themselves in; as well as the implications of these stereotypes for how our society is functioning.

Margaux Weiß

Margaux Weiß *1983 is an artist and activist who lives and works with horses in the woods near Hamburg. She studied philosophy, literature and communication design with a focus on photography in Hamburg and Kiel. Her artistic work critiques the relationship between humans and their environment. Her current work "Kampf ansässiger Wucherungen" deals with the visualisation of nature in urban space. Margaux is one of the founders of the Gängeviertelgenossenschaft and her work has been published in the Library of Resistance by Laika Verlag.

Michaela Melián

Michaela Melián is a visual artist, radio playwright, musician and founding member of the band F.S.K.. She combines visual art, music and pop culture in her work and produces for classical exhibition spaces as well as for radio and public space. Chant du Nix was produced for Deutschlandfunk and has been realised several times as an installation.

Michael Dietrich

Michael Dietrich (*1985) works and lives between Vienna (AT) and Hamburg (DE). His practice is directed towards the relationship between society and space, in particular on interventions in nature and the environment.The foundation of his work is based on the medium of video & drawings which Michael combines with the phenomena of sound and the acousmatic.

Monika Orpik

Monika Orpik was born in 1997 in Poland. She’s currently pursuing her MA degree at the Academy of Fine Arts in Hamburg.. Her research focuses on unnamed things, moments undepicted in images, and the collapse of meaning caused by the use of inadequate language. Further she is interested in stories often omitted from mainstream historical records and the misuse of classification processes that impacts the narrative gaps. In her work she investigates methods used to describe experiences often named as those unspeakable or unspoken within the subject of war, violence and trauma. She incorporates photography, book making, text and sound in her work.

Museum of No Art

The Museum of No Art has no location. It can be seen flowing on the surface of a lake or reflecting the sun on a distant hill. It is an open structure. Large halls with transparent ceilings reveal far-off glances into the future and the past. Hidden corners and small chambers submerge into the allure of childhood memories. Strange sounds can be heard while wandering through the museums garden. It is an ever-changing exhibition of the subconsciousness, filled with transcendent pictures and sculptures of metaphysical beauty. The Museum of No Art never closes and never opens. The visiting hours expand beyond the concept of time and space

Nikita Kotliar

Nikita's work moves between sound, curation and installation, incorporating the environment as a social sculpture.

Niko de Paula Lefort / Radio Otherwise

Thinking and doing radio otherwise means focussing beyond purely anthropogenic transmissions, recognising relationality within the spectrum of more-than-human radio ecologies.
Together with a wide network of radio enthusiasts, Kate Donovan, Monai de Paula Antunes and Niko de Paula Lefort explore the plurality of experiences involved in radio-making in connection to ecological thinking. Radio Otherwise is an ongoing artistic research project motivated by the many knots which art, knowledge-making/sharing and communication encounter.
For Floating Transmissions, Niko de Paula Lefort will lead a workshop building short range FM radio transmitters - Radio Otherwise's PiRadio design nicknamed Pineapple. He will also setup a radio transmission ecosystem - a sound environment / generative installation with an array of these transmitters- as encountered in various collaborative projects such as Radio Gardening with Monaí de Paula Antunes, Sensible Fields with Silvia Noronha and Spectrum with Ildikó Horváth. This time the ecosystem will be open to audio contributions from Floating Transmissions resident artists.

Nina Gohl, Michael Schroller

Nina Gohl and Michael Schroller are two sound artists with a background in club culture and sound engineering. Usually solo performing liveset's packed with heavy Bass music as N:in and Irl:Yl. Both are studying fine arts and in their work they focus mainly on room- and sound installations and performance art. Nina, based in Hamburg, just kicked off her own show "STEAM" on hallo radio, delivering the best address for leftfield and experimental Bass music in town, since last year, she is also working regularly as club light operator, while Michael, based in Leipzig, is pushing the local Bass scene with events in various locations, both with a strong Interest in visuals arts and stage lights. Together they are curating the stage for performing arts at "Klein und Haarig festival", a music festival for arts and experimental music in a valley of the black forest and are both releasing on the local label "Rawrr".

Pablo (Rana) Diserens

Pablo (Rana) Diserens (they/she) is a field recordist, musician and artist devoted to attentive listening, non-human realities, and possible forms of interspecies coexistence. Rooted in ecological engagement and site-specificity, they investigate gestures of presence through a weaving of sound, images and texts. These bring to the foreground the acoustic, bio- and geological features of explored environments with the intention of fostering earthly connections. Works materialize in various forms that emphasize listening as a radical, political practice, and flirt with a myriad of (sur)realities, found hummings, and ecoacoustic phenomena. Propositions that operate within polymorphic ways of inhabiting and shapeshifting among non-human bodies. In solidarity with a wounded planet, Diserens’ practice invites people to attune to the present in an attempt at rethinking caring strategies and our relationship with the world and its biotic communities.

Paula Schopf

Paula Schopf has combined many different lives into one career. After the turn of the millennium, Schopf began releasing her music as a solo artist as well as collaborating with Max Loderbauer under the name Chica And The Folder. Schopf completed her Master's degree in Sound Studies at the University of the Arts in Berlin in 2017 and has since been combining her various activities as an electronic music producer, sound artist and researcher. Whether in the booth of a club or deep in the field with a microphone in hand, Schopf's work focuses on pointing out and making connections that are intangible, invisible or inaudible to her audience.

Peter D. Abayomi

Peter D. Abayomi, hailing from Lagos, emerges as a multifaceted luminary on the rise, embodying roles as a musician, composer, activist, sound artists, and cultural/community organizer. Serving as the Artistic director of @eranjijeproject, The Power Of Drum Initiative, @batajamsession and more. This African creative enthusiast has left his mark by engaging in diverse artistic realms, both locally and globally, forging a distinctive path that lays the foundation for a sustainable future of African music. Notably, Peter has crafted works that harmoniously fuse human / non humans, and natural elements, channeling an array of sounds to address societal irregularities.


Phuong-Dan`s sets are a hypnotizing mixed bag of rhythms and influences. He plays what resonates with him, expressing different moods by jumping back and forth between musical fields with some sort of sacrilegious attitude: leaving no boundary untouched. He combines gigs all over the world with project specific works and musical programming. A good example of the latter are the Gatto Musculoso nights he hosts in Hamburg since 2006, which through the years have seen artists of every shape and size. Since 2021 he runs dispari - a label and platform for all kinds of auditory publications and performances at various places

Radna Rumping

Radna Rumping (1983) is an artist (writer, radio maker) and curator based in Amsterdam, who prefers to act from a fluid and relational position. Her work is engaged with music culture, public space, ways of gathering and conditions of (in)visibility. Radio and sonic explorations have run like a thread through her practice: in 2015 she co-founded Ja Ja Ja Nee Nee Nee an online radio platform dedicated to the arts. She aims to listen and to sound, to read and to write, to be in solitude and in good company, to move and to be moved. Her curatorial work focuses on long-lasting exchange and is attentive to ephemeral art and archiving. Her sound pieces, text-based works and essays have been presented in exhibitions, through radio transmissions, and are published at sofarsoreal.net.


rh-rn is short for 'right here - right now' and for me it means to be reminded that we are often in thoughts in the past or with our minds in the future. Ambient (- experimental music) often brings me back to the moment and brings me down. With all the things I'm dealing with, it's important and helps me calibrate emotionally and gain new energy.

Sophia Leitenmayer

Sophia Leitenmayer is an artist and musician based in Hamburg. Collective approaches and research based processes are important for their work developing interdisciplinary works at the intersection of sound and word, film art, movement, painting and space. The working method is fluid, ephemeral, and process-oriented, and social and political contexts drive their installations and performative interventions.

Sophie Allerding

Sophie Allerding (she/they) is an artist and designer, driven by an interest in storytelling and the creation of immersive spaces that foster meaningful interactions and play. Their work traverses multiple media, exploring the delicate interplay between humans and nature, the art of constructing realities, and the exploration of magical realms. Sophie is active in the feminist collectives POSSY and Radio Echo Collective and is currently based in The Netherlands and Germany.
Sophie holds a B.A. in Communication Design and a M.FA. in the program Photography & Society at the Royal Academy of Arts in The Hague, Netherlands. During her studies she was a scholarship holder at the Studienstiftung des Deutschen Volkes, Germany’s largest independent organization for the promotion of gifted students.
Sophies work was shown among other sites in Deichtorhallen Museum for photography (DE), Landesmuseum Koblenz (DE) Nederlands Fotomuseum in Rotterdam (NL), Hallo: Radiofestival X-Kanal (DE), the Climate Utopias Festival (FI), Goethe Institut Vietnam (VNM) and Climate Art Fest (DE).

The World Fuse
Tilo Kremer

Synthesizer DIY and other electronic accidents are a part of tilo kremer's regular occupation as well as teaching students at hamburg's university of fine arts to build their own instruments. Deeply interested in textures of sound, he occasionally offers excursions into sheet metal and other materials.

Ulf Freyhoff

Ulf Freyhoff, Artistic Workshop Manager Mixed Media/Net Art at HFBK Hamburg.The Mixed Media Workshop is temporarily available by appointment for installations, performances and other activities in the field of the artistic discipline of "showing".

Wijnand Bredewold

Wijnand Bredewold (1961) is an autodidact in various disciplines (installations, radio art, photo/video/music/sound/audiovisual software). Working from strong concepts in themes related to nature and society, are the starting points of his work. For this he likes to go out with cameras and sound recorders. For this he likes to go out with cameras and sound recorders. His current project Sequencing Places is a visualization (tochdesigner, randomly looping video) of found audio material and recordings he made him self from all over the world. [expo 14 & 15 October 2023 Langhuis, Netherlands, Zwolle] Other works: 'Silence', looking for the quietest place in the Netherlands. Does true silence still exist? 'Crossfading places' is about lost personal places that have been replaced by new buildings with new functions. This this work has been exhibited during the IJssel Biennale 2021. The 'Border' is a long-running project in which he tries to capture the atmosphere on country borders that seem to have no function anymore.

WAK Collective

WAK came together to explore various forms of sonic experimentation including feedback systems, deconstructed piano, spoken word storytelling, acousmatic scoring, and interactive digital systems. What brings them together is the formation of new beginnings bonded through experimentation and community. Their recent premier of "Sonic Tales" located at Errant Sounds has gained recognition by local artists such as Veronica Mota, Georg Klein, Brandon LaBelle, and Jeremy Woodruff.


Wosto was born in 1980 in Geseke (a small town in “Wostfalia”). As he would call himself an animal lover, he released all of the animals from Geseke in 1995 and rode a donkey through his hometown. The police came and arrested Wosto and his animal gang into a seperate district, where he still lives with them and plays records for them. To this day, many visitors come to see him playing and dancing and feed him with new music by throwing the records over the fence. It is said that there is a secret tunnel, so Wosto can escape from time to time and play some secret gigs outside. In 2013 Wosto and his best friend Kluentah founded FALLBEIL. So far they released many records on different labels all over the world. In 2017 Wosto and the two members of NOSTALGIE ÉTERNELLE started the trio SAUERSTOFFF. Wosto is also releasing solo records and is running his own vinyl label - TEERPAPPE

Tintin Patrone

Tintin Patrone is a German-Filipino sound and performance artist. She explores the connections between music, art and technology to challenge traditional views of what it means to be human. Incorporating robots and AI into her work, she seeks new ways of understanding the human experience in the context of modern science and technology. Her art is heavily influenced by genres such as concept art and Fluxus, and she places great emphasis on collaboration with other artists and collectives.

Niki Matita

Niki Matita is a radio, sound & performance artist, curator, writer, presenter, record entertainer & visual artist. Growing up in Hamburg, West Germany, she listened to British Allied Radio as well as local pirates and DT64.In the 2000s she ran "Zentrale Randlage", a club for experimental music and culture in Berlin-Prenzlauer Berg, curated event series in the Prater and had DJ residencies at Schokoladen, Klub der Republik and Madame Claude. She has been working in FM radio since 2007 and is involved in free radio and community media locally and internationally. In 2016 she became part of the Berlin team of the world's only garden radio art festival Datscha Radio, which was awarded the Project Space Prize of the Berlin Senate in 2019. Her radio art pieces are broadcast worldwide, including Soundart Radio UK, Freirad Innsbruck AT, Sistersakousmaticas AUS, Walking Sound UK/PL. From 2020, her monthly show "La Passante Ecoutante - Listening and Walking" can be heard on Colaboradio.

Klaus Walter

Klaus Walter lives in Frankfurt am Main and has been writing about pop culture, football and politics since the mid-1970s. He was an editor at Pflasterstrand magazine in the 1980s and has been a radio DJ at Hessischer Rundfunk since 1984. His show 'Der Ball ist rund' was voted Germany's best radio show several times by the readers of the magazines Spex and Intro. It was discontinued at the end of 2008.In 2005, "Plattenspieler" was published, a book of conversations with Frank Witzel and Thomas Meinecke. The sequel, Die Bundesrepublik Deutschland, was published in 2009. Walter is currently working on a book about the history of Frankfurt's subcultures.

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