Floating Transmissions


Radio Sound Art Festival 02 – 10 September 2023 on MS Stubnitz and at locations along the Elbe and Bille rivers.

At the beginning of September, the MS Stubnitz will be transformed into a floating radio station. In experimental artistic formats, the „river space“ will be broadcast via UKW and other protocols. Participating artists like Sophie Allerding, Jack Bardwell, Benjamin van Bebber, Ludwig Berger, Kathrin Dröppelmann, Antje Feger, Ulf Freyhoff, Leo Hofmann, Hye-Eun Kim, Tilo Kremer, Niko de Paula Lefort, Felicity Mangan, Felix Raeithel, Gabi Schaffner, Paula Schopf, Benjamin Stumpf, Dong Zhou and many more will present their works. The result is a live radio program consisting of artistic contributions – from multimedia sound sculptures to immersive performances on the Elbe and Bille rivers with cross-city broadcasts. In addition to sound installations that explore the city’s soundscapes in a variety of ways, there will also be workshops and participatory projects that develop in a processual manner.

FLOATING TRANSMISSIONS shows aesthetic approaches as a „floating radio station“ to enable sensual experiences with auditory media in immersive settings. The program, which temporarily floats on floating expeditions across the Elbe and Bille rivers, is complemented by concert evenings and curated sound-listening sessions by Hamburg DJs and labels. The formats will be broadcast via Freie Sender Kombinat FSKHALLO: Radio and TIDE.radio as well as Freie Radios in Germany, among others.

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